When considering enrolling your child at our school, please feel free to visit at anytime around their 4th birthday and we will happily answer any queries you may have and show you around the school.

We have an enrolment pack available at the school office.

When you enrol your child the school requires a Birth and Immunisation Certificate. If your child was born overseas, please bring along documentation (e.g. passport) to confirm residency/citizenship status.

You will also be asked to complete an enrolment form for your child. Please supply us with as much detail as possible with regard to medical information, allergies, etc. that may affect learning or require specific attention. Also inform us about parental/caregiver or custody arrangements. Please ensure that your child’s enrolment is complete on or before their first day at school.

A stationary list will be given to you on one of your pre-entry visits so you can purchase books prior to your child starting school. You may also purchase uniform and attend to school donations.

New Entrants

New Entrants and their parents are encouraged to visit the school before their child starts school. We are happy for these visits to take place up to a term before your child starts school. Please talk to the principal and new entrant teacher about this.

The purpose of pre-school visits is to familiarise both parent and child with school routines. The child will have the opportunity to become used to the environment and to socialise with peers.

All children are different – some will need more parental support than others. Children experience different emotions when starting with school – excitement, enjoyment, confusion, anxiety, tiredness, etc. It is important to keep expectations realistic and to encourage confidence.

We suggest that you arrive about 15-20 minutes before school and help your child to organise his/her belongings. Sometimes children become tearful when parents leave, but experience has taught us that they do settle eventually. If you are worried a phone call can often ease any concerns.