The School Board of Trustees is composed of 4 parent/community members, Principal and Staff Representative.  The members are responsible for governing this school through:

  • Developing a Strategic Plan in partnership with the community
  • Establishing school policies
  • Reporting to and consulting with the community
  • Governance oversight of resourcing including finance, buildings and grounds maintenance
  • Principal appointments

Meetings are usually held every 3rd Thursday of the month in the Community Room or classrooms at the school.  Any items for discussion must be brought to the attention of the Presiding Member or Principal at least seven days prior to the meeting day.  Meeting days and times are notified in the newsletter.

Minutes of all meetings are kept in the School Office and are available for perusal on the school website.

Board of Trustees Members

Presiding Member                 Kim Hamilton

Elected Members                   Justine Emery, Campbell Sanders, Chris Hatfield

Staff Elected Member           Victoria Thomson

Principal                                   Peter King