School Donations

School Donations for 2019 is set at $100.00 per child, paid in two $50.00 instalments. The donation is to support the running of the school including the purchase of additional resources. Parents/caregivers will be notified of the amount at the beginning of each school year.

Activity Fees

During the year there are costs to parents for items such as:

  • Visiting Artists
  • Cultural performances
  • Life Education
  • Art activities
  • School or class trips
  • Sport, etc.

These costs are advised to parents as soon as the school knows.

A permission notice is included in the enrolment documentation. This is to allow your child/ren to go on curriculum related trips.

For any camps or other specific trips we will send out appropriate documentation. You will be notified through the newsletter about school trips well in advance (if possible).